Alion is your reliable and trusted ally that would help you procure various kinds of equipment and machineries from top European manufacturers. We provide a full range of services on buying, transporting, clearing and commissioning your equipment. With us, you don’t need to worry about all the hassles normally encountered when buying, transporting and clearing equipment at the customs.

About us

When procuring some equipment or components from manufacturers in Europe, there are many questions, issues and doubts about the entire process. You will have to negotiate in a foreign language, address customs clearance issues and ensure commissioning goes well. Our goal is to handle all these issues and free the buyer from all unnecessary hassles. Having been in the equipment supply industry for 10 years, we have gained lots of experience and can become your reliable partner.

We provide a full range of services when supplying machineries and accessories produced by top manufacturers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. With us, you don’t need to engage contractors for anything. You’ll get everything from a single source.

Import/Export to Europe, Asia and the CIS

Our services

Our main lines of business

We attend major European exhibitions regularly. This is why we’re always keeping up with the latest innovations in the world of equipment and advanced technologies. We know exactly what to offer you, our customer!

How we work

We work in two ways. You can choose any of the two methods convenient for you. In all cases, we always reach out to and accommodate our clients by offering them flexible terms of cooperation.


Going over details

Search and selection

Agreement and final selection

Contract drafting

Dealmaking and delivery


Find the equipment yourself

Send us contacts and links

We request for documentation and book an appointment

We inspect the equipment and prepare a report

Contract drafting

Dealmaking and delivery

The cost of our services depends on the extent we are involved in a particular project. It is calculated as a percentage of the transaction amount. We select machinery and equipment in accordance with the technical requirements for government and commercial tenders.

We prepare documents in full compliance with the law. Our partners are professional lawyers and logisticians who can handle any situation efficiently. You will receive all services from one source – this is not only convenient, but also profitable.


Why Choose Us?


All our employees are subject-matter experts who regularly improve their skills.

Affordable prices

Our prices are calculated based on the frequency of deliveries, cost and type of cargo.

24/7 Customer Support

We are always glad to answer all your questions related to our services.

No intermediaries

We interact only directly with sellers. This significantly reduces costs for you.


We offer several ways to execute your order. This is to enable you have some choice.

Top quality

We never buy equipment by sight – we always study the details thoroughly and meticulously.

Our professional competence to give you peace of mind

You can rest assured that we will execute your order 100%. We will pleasantly surprise you by delivering the work even faster than you expect. We guarantee reliability, decency, privacy and compliance with deadlines. Try us and we’ll make you feel comfortable and convenient! We pride ourselves on the trust we build with customers and manufacturers.

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